St. Maurice Church

Church History

St. Maurice Church is located in the small village of St. Maurice, Decatur County in Indiana.  It was established in 1859 when two religious Brothers, originally from France came to this area with visions of starting a college, “St. Maurice Institute” for young men.  At the same time, they started a Catholic church and school for younger students.  The “St. Maurice Institute” was closed after the sudden death of one of the Brothers.  But the church and school continued to stay open for many decades.  Around 1900 a brick church and school was built along with a rectory.  Then in 1963 the school closed, but the parish remained open until the new St. Catherine of Siena Parish was created in December 2013.  The church is still used as a worship site and the buildings are used for meetings and religious education classes for the new parish. 

St. John The Evangelist Church

Church History

St. John the Evangelist Church is located in Enochsburg in Decatur County, Indiana.  It was established in 1842 when Gerhard Bohmann and Harry Kinker petitioned the bishop to build a church on land generously donated by Bohmann.  Permission was granted and a log cabin church was built.  Through the years, a school was built as well as a rectory.  In 1857-1858, when the stone church was being erected, 3 people were killed in tragic accidents that halted the work until 1859.  In 1860, the first Mass was said in the new stone church that is still in use today.  In 1867, the rectory was destroyed by fire and a new rectory had to be built.  Through all the trials, St. John’s people have remained a faith-filled community.  St. John the Evangelist Parish was closed in December 2013, merging with St. Maurice Parish to create the new St. Catherine of Siena Parish. 

St C St Maurice Sign[28232]

Our Parish and Staff

Two former parishes make up the parish of St. Catherine of Siena – St. Maurice, St. Maurice and St. John the Evangelist, Enochsburg.

The new, vibrant and growing parish of St. Catherine of Siena, established in December 2013, embodies parishioners from both sites and is welcome to all who would like to witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist in a small country setting.

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